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Journalism student’s project prompts engineering research

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by alysia

102Student-EditWhen Mary Frances Stephens signed up for her first journalism writing class, she probably had no idea she would spark a round of academic research.  The journalism major’s video project evaluates the benefits of recycling glass and was featured on a website that focuses on environmental news.

“This video explains how the recycling/re-use of glass can help improve our safety on the roads in our community, as well as reduce the heat island effect that is common in most urban areas,” wrote Stephens.

One of the people she interviewed, Dr. Waheed Uddin, is a professor in the engineering school at Ole Miss.  Her story got him thinking more deeply about the topic.

“I have written a paper with my Ph.D. student Fahmi for 2013 IJPC international conference in São Paulo, Brazil where we were motivated by Ms. Stephens’s video project. Our recommended approach involves minimal consumption of energy, lower GHG emissions, as well as, reducing “heat-island” effects,” wrote Uddin.

Stephens did her story for Dr. Kristie Swain’s JOUR 102 class; Swain has long been involved in reporting on environmental issues.