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Meek School salutes 2012-13 student media leaders

Posted on: May 7th, 2013 by alysia


Emily Roland, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Mississippian 

By Casey Holliday

Roland Photo

Photo by Thomas Graning

As Emily Roland walked across the stage of the Ford Center for the Performing Arts to be awarded a place in the Hall of Fame, a laundry list of achievements were rattled off: editor-in-chief of The Daily Mississippian, president of the Society of Professional Journalists chapter, choir member, recipient of the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson Scholarship.

From a young age, Roland, a senior print journalism major, was interested in music and travel. Her dad, a musician, told Emily to avoid the field and instead combine those passions with her interest in English and writing and become a journalist.

“I had never thought about working for a newspaper until my dad suggested it,” Roland said. “It just kind of stuck. The more I got into it, the idea of journalism really attracted me.”

Roland walked into the Student Media Center on the third day of her freshman year to ask to be a writer for The Daily Mississippian. It was then that she would meet Alex McDaniel, the editor-in-chief at the time.

Sitting behind McDaniel at the editing desk almost every day, Roland would question every change and edit to improve her own writing and lay the groundwork for what was to come. (Read more)


Elizabeth Beaver, Editor-in-Chief, The Ole Miss 

By Jane Lloyd Brown

Photo by Mikki Harris

Photo by Mikki Harris

With The Ole Miss yearbook heading to print and final touches completed, one would expect Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Beaver to enjoy a break from the Student Media Center’s hectic buzz.

Instead Beaver, a senior journalism major and art minor, hustles around the center giving direction on design projects and offering advice to student writers.

The editors on Beaver’s staff include Miriam Taylor, design editor; Alex Edwards, photo editor; Jake Thompson, sports editor; and Callie Daniels, writing editor.

“It’s madness all the time,” Beaver said of working with her team in the SMC. “We’re like a big rolling circus.”

The yearbook process naturally works at a slower pace than the other media components because the staff do not have daily deadlines.

This year, the staff wanted to get the book done early so that they would have time to fix any mistakes before the publication went to print.

With Beaver also juggling schoolwork with a barista job at High Point Coffee and getting engaged this year, finishing the yearbook before deadline was difficult. (Read more)


Stewart Pirani, Manager, NewsWatch

By Kayleigh Webb

Photo by Mikki Harris

Photo by Mikki Harris

It’s 3:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, and sitting confidently in the control room of the Student Media Center behind a computer editing video is Stewart Pirani. Pirani, an Ole Miss junior pursing a degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in cinema studies, is the  manager for NewsWatch, a live, student-run news program that airs on channel 99 at 5 p.m. on weekdays.

His love of television and producing started earlier. It began in high school, where Pirani took a class in television production. The class emphasized producing a live news program.

“I got there on the first day and I walked into the studio and the control room,” Pirani said. “I saw everything: the technology, the lights, the buttons, the monitors. I just knew that what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was television.”

After four years of the class, Pirani had his sights set on Ole Miss because of the broadcast journalism program.

Pirani began working in the Student Media Center at Ole Miss during his freshman year. His first projects were with Chatterbox, a comedy show that was produced in the media center studio.

“It helped me step my foot into NewsWatch,” Pirani said. “I started doing it that second semester my freshman year and I’ve not left since.” (Read more)


Lindsey Malley, Manager, Rebel Radio

By Mary Ashton Nall

Photo by Thomas Graning

Photo by Thomas Graning

Lindsey Malley answers each question her staff asks with kindness and expertise as she looks up from making adjustments to her calendar.  Malley, an Ole Miss senior from Long Beach, Miss, is the manager of Rebel Radio — possibly the only student-run, commercially licensed  radio station in the nation.

The station provides an array of popular music and news updates for the Oxford area.  Rebel Radio also invites bands, Ole Miss ASB officers, administration, and athletic coaches and players on air weekly to talk about ongoing campus and community activities.

The station is open to the entire student body for auditions. Malley tried out for a position as a DJ her sophomore year. As a pharmacy major, she believes the station is an opportunity for every student, not just journalism majors. She encourages more students to become involved.

“Rebel Radio is a creative outlet for anyone with a strong personality,” Malley said. “If you have that, we want you here.” (Read more)