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Promoting the news

Posted on: January 25th, 2013 by alysia

WJTVPromoWhen the legendary John Seigenthaler, Sr. visited the Ole Miss campus a couple years ago, a student asked him what was the one thing he wished he had learned more about while in school.  Without hesitation, Seigenthaler said, “Marketing.”

In a world where branding is a buzz word, Meek School graduate Joe Doolittle has put his journalism degree to use as a promotions producer for WJTV-TV in Jackson.

“It’s nice to have a steady job with steady pay, but most importantly, it’s nice to have a job I genuinely enjoy and one that challenges me, keeps me on my toes and is fulfilling. I’ve learned a lot since beginning in October and I don’t expect that to slow down anytime soon,” said Doolittle.

Doolittle knew he didn’t want a traditional TV news job when he left school in May 2011, but he also knew he loved working with video.  News promotions, which combines creativity, writing, shooting and editing, seemed ideally suited for Doolittle’s interests and talents.

Doolittle says his job involves promoting the station’s brand and its newscasts, 10-to-30 seconds at a time.

Doolittle is also getting a chance to promote individual news stories, enjoying the opportunity to work with WJTV’s corporate graphics team to create animation, too.

“I came up with the idea, wrote out something of a script for them to follow, they did so, returned the animation to me, I put some music with it and then we threw it on the air. It was fun.”