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5 Questions with Assistant Professor Alysia Steele

Posted on: September 9th, 2014 by drwenger

Photo by Marlen Polito, September 8, 2014.

Asking questions is the way to Assistant Professor Alysia Steele’s heart.   Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Steele has been a part of the Meek School for more than two years.  You can read all about her awards and education, but you’ll get a sense of her as a teacher right here.

1.  What class do you most like to teach and why?

I really enjoy teaching Jour 375, which is the photojournalism class. I’ve been a photographer for 27 years and it’s my life; I can’t imagine doing anything else. Most of my passion is teaching students how to take good, sound photographs with strong compositions and beautiful light.

2. Describe your favorite type of student.

My favorite type of student is someone who is communicative. Someone that likes to talk in class, that offers their opinion, that is not afraid to speak their mind. I love someone who is always challenging me and asking questions and wanting to learn more. I really enjoy students who develop a passion in photography.

3. What are you working on outside the classroom that you really enjoy doing?

I just finished one book that was so much fun and it didn’t feel like work, it’s called Jewels in the Delta. I interviewed, photograph, and collected oral histories from 50 Mississippi Delta church mothers. They’re women that are leaders and belong to Baptist churches in the Delta. I had a lot of fun and had my own private history lessons with these 50 women.

4. Describe what type of student you were.

I was a model student; my grades were very important to me; I was an over achiever. Life lessons when I was over 25 made me a better student.

 5. Of all the things you’ve done in your career, what makes you most proud?

Wow, that’s a really hard question. I’m in a new chapter in my life right now, I would have to say that when students show enthusiasm, and when they get something and they have a passion for it, that’s such a fulfilling feeling. I am really proud of when students do exceptional work in our field and come back and show it to me. In my personal life, the work that I am most proud of would be Jewels in the Delta. I think I have become a better human being; I’ve become a more patient and more understanding person.

Story contributed by multimedia journalism graduate student Marlen Polito.







Meek School professor spends summer learning

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by elwalke1
Ole Miss intern Taylor Leatherwood of Long Beach and Dr. Nancy Dupont in the WLOX newsroom.

Ole Miss intern Taylor Leatherwood of Long Beach and Dr. Nancy Dupont in the WLOX newsroom.

Professor Nancy Dupont spent part of her summer immersing herself in TV news as part of a Mississippi Association of Broadcasters Faculty Fellowship at WLOX in Biloxi.  She spent a week in the newsroom, sharpening her skills in writing, reporting and videography.”It was great to be at WLOX because that’s where I began my professional career 40 years ago, and some of my coworkers are still working there.  But the most valuable part of the fellowship was meeting the young journalists who’ve agreed to help Meek students succeed,” Professor Dupont said.  “These young people are thriving in a challenging new media environment our students will face in a few years.”

Some of the journalists agreed to come to Oxford to speak to classes, while others offered to do live internet video conferences in the coming semesters.  Christina Garcia is the new 6 and 10 o’clock primary anchor at WLOX-TV in Biloxi, but her path to an on-air job is somewhat unusual.  The way she did it may be the best example of what is required for success in a 21st century newsroom.

She studied print journalism at the University of South Alabama, interned at WKRG in Mobile and was hired as an online producer at WLOX in 2011.  Since then, she learned every job in the newsroom by any means possible, making herself an extremely valuable employee.  Her advice to students is as unique as her career.

Christina is so busy that we had to talk to her while she was putting on makeup for the 6’clock show with Meteorologist Mike Reader.